Birth Tear Panel

Monday March 1st at 9:30AM EST {note the time zone} we will be having a birth tear panel addressing the topic of birth after a severe tear. The panel consist of parents who have experienced a severe tear and faced the decision of family planning post-tear. Parents and birth professionals are welcome to attend!

In our Facebook support group this is one of the most talked about topics – is it safe to get pregnant again? How long do we wait? Do I have a vaginal birth or cesarean? How do I decide? What factors should I take into consideration?

Join us on March 1st to hear about the choices that have been made by the parents who will be speaking, and if you have specific questions feel free to ask during the Q&A session at the end of the panel on Monday.

Register below to attend. If you registered for the Summit a couple of weeks ago then you will automatically receive the link to this panel.

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