Charline’s Story, UK

a98f5654-9bbf-469f-9b9b-94feb8caf814.jpegI found out I was pregnant 4 days before we went on a life time holiday to Jamaica. Throughout my whole pregnancy it was great (apart from the dreaded morning sickness!!) My baby was growing healthily and I was happy until I was a week over due. I felt reduced movements so we went straight to my birthing unit where they monitored me and my baby. She was fine inside me she just decided to be a bit lazy.

Anyway the doctor told me I could be induced because I was already have contractions (didnt notice them). I asked the doctor if I could go home to see if things might happen naturally.. unfortunately they didn’t after trying absolutely everything that night! So off I went the next day back to holiday to get induced.

Everything was going well until my waters broke and they were green! So down to the birthing unit I went strapped to bed with a drip in my hand. My contractions were stronger and I just wanted my mum. The nurses told me it was too early to call my mum and that I wasn’t in labour. They told me I wasn’t in labour and my baby wasn’t going to come anytime soon.. but my body needed to push so that’s what my body did. I begged and begged for gas and air but they told me I needed an epidural but I refused.. after a while these 2 useless nurses went on their lunch break, in came a different nurse who offered me gas and air straight away, rang my mum for me and told my partner to get ready! She checked me out and I was 8cm dilated!!!!! Unfortunately those 2 rubbish nurses came back and took over, they didn’t help me deliver my gorgeous baby which then resulted in me having a 4th degree tear. Off to surgery I go after not even having a chance to see my beautiful baby. I was down in theatre for 6 HOURS! Those 6 hours I watched the clock crying my eyes out still high on the gas and air. For 6 hours I didn’t know what my baby looked like or if she was alright. Eventually they took me back into my birth room, where my baby was screaming her eyes out because she was hungry. Not once did they let my partner feed her because on my birth notes I said I wanted to breastfeed.

I stayed in hospital for 3 days before demanding to go home because I wasn’t getting any help at all. My daughter couldn’t latch onto my breast and I couldn’t relax probably. I wanted to be home with my partner where he could help me. My recovery at home was so much better and I healed really well.

Fast forward 2 years my little girl turned 2 6th January 2018, on February 14th 2018 I welcomed into the world another beautiful girl after giving birth naturally and only having a 2nd degree tear. Throughout my 2nd pregnancy I had so many worried and doubts but I was determined to try again. I now have 2 healthy girls who are my world. I just have horrible memories from my first birth which often depresses me and makes me wonder why me?..

Charline ~ Gloucester UK

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