Emma’s Story, UK

My boys Cameron (9) and Ethan (11 months)

April 18th 2009 I started having contractions about 4pm after a dull back ache from 11am. We made our way to hospital about 6pm to the midwife led unit at our local hospital. I chose here just in case there was an issue I would be transferred 3 floors down to the normal delivery suite. At 10pm I was 4cm dilated and made my way to the birthing pool it was amazing lovely pain relief and labour was progressing nicely. I was being monitored regularly as I had a slightly raised temperature due to having a cold.

Then at 4am something didn’t feel quite right my contractions had stopped, on performing an internal examination they found son was in a brow presentation (He had tilted his head so far back they could feel his forehead!) I then spent 4 hours on a birthing ball walking up and down stairs to get him to go head down and start pushing on my cervix again. 8 am came and there was no change so it was decided to transfer me to a delivery suite and be fitted with a drip with induction drugs I cannot remember which drug it was. 11am the drip was started but so had my natural labour again so I was having double contractions and the pain was unbearable. I started gas and air but as it was so late in my labour it made no difference. He was still in the brow position and not progressing down the birth canal at all.

Then all the alarms went off my son’s heartbeat was stopping so I was put in stirrups and given an episiotomy. They put forceps on his head and with one pull and one push he was born in one go taking everything internally with him. He weighed a healthy 7lb 10.5oz at 11.56am. Thankfully he cried and was all fine I had to have 3 hours of surgery and approximately 65 stitches.

The Dr did an amazing job and with some physio at 8 weeks I made a full recovery. I think it was 2.5 months before I felt normal again.

7 years later in 2016 I got pregnant again and due to the 4th degree tear was given the choice of c section or vaginal birth if I had been symptomatic it would have been c section full stop. I had an issue with holding wind and a bit of urgency depending on what I had had for dinner the night before. Anyway after a lot of thinking and discussing with my hubby had settled on c section.

My second little boy had other ideas when I went into spontaneous labour at 35+1 and it was in my notes I would give vaginal birth a go if I went into spontaneous labour and after 4 hours my second son was born at 00.23 hours at 35+2 weighing a very healthy 6lb 6oz!! I laboured on my left side with the midwife putting warm compresses on my perineum and I had a 2nd degree tear repaired in the delivery suite before having my tea and toast and visiting my boy in scbu where he stayed for 3 days and then another 3 days on the ward with me we went home.

Emma ~ UK

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