Rebekah’s Story, UK, Part 1 of 2


I sustained a 4th degree tear in July 2015. I had a caesarean section for my first baby due to her being in the breech position. I didn’t know you could have a vaginal and was given 10 minutes to make the decision. So went along with the you must have the baby by CS now demands!

I researched the whole of my second pregnancy about vaginal breeches. This baby was also breech. I spoke to a independant midwife who had experience in this and asked her to be my midwife at home for a home birth. She agreed. When the baby was next checked she had now changed position and become cephalic. This was a big shock for me!

I had a 1 litre loss after the CS was classed high risk due to both this and also the VBAC carries a small risk of a rupture to the uterus where the scar is.
I also have a bicornate uterus where it is a heart shape instead of pear shape. This meant that I might not even be able to labour at all or labour effectively according to consultants. Nonetheless I decided to give it a go. If it went tits up I was 5 minutes away from the hospital.

I went into labour on the Thursday at 3am. I was 40+3. I finally gave birth after 54 1/2 hours at 9pm on the Sunday night at 40+6 I think it was. It was a very slow stop starty labour. Contractions starting at 5pm every evening and stopping in the morning. Day time was spent looking after baby 1 and labouring by night. I ended up having 8 hours sleep over about 3 days in the end! My window sill got me through the night. I would be laying down half sitting half laying trying to sleep between them. Each time a powerful surge came over I knew I had seconds before the contraction got to mega powerful moment and needed my whole attention. So I would fly out of bed really fast (as you can as a whale lol) and go to the window. I had my arms on the window sill and my head resting on my arms and swaying like a mad thing. I had to get up as they were less painful standing than they were laying or sitting down. I don’t know what I would have done without that window sill lol!

Each night the contractions became closer together. 1st night hourly. 2nd night every 20-30 minutes. And finally Saturday night they started again at 5pm every 20 mins and there was no end until she was born. They were every 15 or so by 10pmish. And then every 10 around 2am. 3-4am saw them jump to every 5 minutes and then every 2 minutes from 6am. This is the point baby 1 woke up and I was desperate to see her out the house. I had this extremely strong instinct she should go. Hubby wanted to feed her breakfast first but I said no just go. So they left at 7am. Being alone in the house made me feel panicky so I rang the midwife. Again another strong instinct I just wanted her there with me. She then turned up at 9am.

I had a birth pool which was filled ready by this point and I dived in. As much as you can do heavily pregnant and over due …!! It was amazing! The heat was just perfect! Around 11am things got hazy and I heard the 2nd midwife was on her way for the last bit. I was thinking horray it’s not long now then lol. I have no recollection of any time at all from here on until after midnightish in the hospital. I just went into the zone and went with the contractions. I got out the pool for a wee at some point as they made me go. I then went to the bed to try and lay on my side and have a rest. Apparently I did sleep some but I have no recollection of this! I was then sent back to the pool so I could birth in there. Again I had to get out to have a wee and managed a poo whilst I was there – with an audience! 😀 I rested here for a bit as apparently this is a good position for helping move the baby down. I then managed to wipe my own bum which they were impressed about lol!! I think I then went back to the bedroom where I said I was hungry and wanted a bowl of cereal … Hubby brought one and on the 2nd mouthful the most intense horrific pain came over my back which was a million times worse than contractions! It was constant. I was rolling around screaming and couldn’t get comfy. They brought a hot water bottle and gave me back massage which was amazing. I was then checked at some point and I was told that the baby was slightly round the wrong way and back to back hence the agony. Baby should be back to my tummy. So I was then helped into a hands and knees position on the bed with my chest on the bed and my bum high up in the air to encourage bubba to move. This was a for a few hours. At some point I came off the bed and did a lot of squatting as babys head wasn’t coming past the bend into the birth canal. Eventually after some major pushing with everything I had she did and then we were off. Back on the bed on hands and knees as that was most comfy. I say comfy my knees were agony!!! I pushed for an hour before she came out. Pushing was the most amazing thing ever. I loved it! So powerful. The only way I can describe it is the feeling of when your being sick. Your stomach heaves and pushes the vomit out. And it was kinda the same just down below my stomach was pushing and that heaving feeling pushing the baby out. The ring of fire was no where near as bad as I expected. Yes a bit stingy as her brow and eyes came out but I thought it was going to be far worse. Once her head was out she tried to turn around I tensed up as I felt something moving between my legs and got scared. I think I said something like that the hell was that. My midwife said its ok its just the baby doing a little turn. I was so in the birthing zone thats when I remembered there was actually a purpose to all this pain LOLOL!! Can’t believe I actually forgot all about the baby!

We waited but her body didn’t follow so I was flipped over onto my back for a mcroberts manouver due to her shoulders getting stuck. This was minimal and she came out fine with one cry then nothing. She was placed on my chest. All I remember was how heavy she felt and how slimy! I was exhausted from a marathon labour that I found it hard to hold onto her. She was so slippery. She was sliding down my shoulder but I couldn’t move her. I only had energy to breathe! I remember how close she was to my ear and feeling and hearing her breathing in my ear. Thinking how amazing it was to feel this. (I didn’t hold my first baby after she came out as it was a massive shock. Going in with a bump and 20 minutes later here here’s a baby. They asked if I wanted to hold her and I said no didn’t want to. Still regret that to this day but it was just too much for me there and then. A massive emotional shock!)

After 5 minutes the cord was ready to be cut. We had delayed cord clamping as is standard in the UK these days. Then she pulled out the placenta. Oh my gosh that is a horrible feeling!! So slimy and weird! That’s the point it all went tits up again.

To be continued….

Rebekah ~ Aged 36 ~ Winchester UK

Part 2 of Rebekah’s Story can be found here

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